National Farm Safety Week is a yearly event to raise awareness of farming hazards in rural communities across Australia.

Working on a farm presents various work health and safety hazards, including working alone or in remote locations, sun exposure, working with large animals and chemical exposure.

Throughout Farm Safety Week we will be focusing on a wide range of safety issues, including young workers, ageing workers, farm seasonal pressure and mental health.

Agriculture is one of Australia’s most dangerous sectors. According to Safe Work Australia data, farming represents only 2.6% of the workforce but 21% of fatalities. The highest fatality rate of any Australian industry. Tragically, fatalities on farming properties also occur at too high a rate for children under the age of 15.

SafeWork SA Executive Director Martyn Campbell said for many farmers, the workplace and home life can merge seamlessly together.

“That’s why it is vital for farmers to talk about safety with workers and their family. Open communication about hazards and risks can save lives and should become part of the daily routine of every farming business,” said Mr Campbell.

You can find further work health and safety information and resources on our website to keep you, your workers and your family safe.

You will find our popular farm safety videos to watch with your kids, information on chemical safety, and can download our comprehensive farmer’s guidebook to work health and safety.

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