From 17 September 2021, new provisions for LPG Cylinder Labelling will require all LPG bottles that have a capacity between 500mL and 25L to have a label warning of risk of inhalation.

The new labelling laws come into affect following the successful introduction of the Dangerous Substances (LPG Cylinder Labelling) Bill 2020 into the South Australian Parliament in June 2020.

The new provisions stipulate that all LPG bottles with a capacity between 500mL and 25L which is sold or supplied, must have a label affixed to the body of the bottle that includes the words:

Intentional misuse by deliberate concentrated inhalation may cause injury or death.

Bottles with these capacities are commonly used in conjunction with barbecues, caravans, motor homes and patio heaters.

SafeWork SA have been working with industry stakeholders to assist in the development of labels designed to comply with the amended legislation.

SafeWork SA will be incorporating the new provisions into further compliance campaigns in the area of dangerous substances.

Further information to assist businesses comply with the new amendments is available on the SafeWork SA website.