Independent review update:

John Merritt has commenced his review into SafeWork SA.

This week he had initial discussions with key employer associations, unions, SafeWork SA leaders, the Attorney-General’s Department and a representative of Victims of Industrial Death. Discussions included introductions and details on the review process.

Next week Mr Merritt will begin detailed discussions with key organisations and SafeWork SA staff. He will also join inspectors on worksite visits.

The Hon Kyam Maher MLC, Minister for Industrial Relations and Public Sector, announced the commencement of an independent review of SafeWork SA on 21 September 2022, as part of a commitment of the Labor Government prior to the 2022 State Election.

The Review will focus on:

  • The effectiveness of SafeWork SA’s compliance and enforcement functions including complaints, inspections, investigations, prosecutions, and witness and family support.
  • SafeWork SA’s implementation of recommendations arising from the 2017 review undertaken by a senior prosecutor from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, 2018 evaluation by the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption, internal audit recommendations, and coronial inquests into workplace deaths.
  • Appropriate measures to ensure that workers and their representatives (including Health & Safety Representatives), and the families of deceased workers, have a genuine voice in the complaints, investigation, and enforcement process.
  • Engagement between SafeWork SA and other government agencies to monitor and improve workplace safety.
  • Recommendations as to any other matters that may arise during the review.

A copy of the Review’s Terms of Reference is now published.

The Review will commence with a period of public consultation for four weeks, closing on Friday 21 October 2022.  Businesses, workers, industry organisations, members of the public and SafeWork SA staff are invited to make a submission to the Review.

Written submissions

As part of the review, the Reviewer is taking written submissions addressing the Terms of Reference, and in particular the following issues:

  • Feedback on the effectiveness of SafeWork SA compliance and enforcement functions
  • Measures to ensure that workers and their representatives, and the families of deceased workers, have a genuine voice in the complaints, investigation, and enforcement process
  • Ideas on how SafeWork SA can build confidence with the South Australian community

These written submissions can be provided by emailing: SafeWorkSAReview@sa.gov.au

Please be aware that, unless a request for confidentiality is made, information contained in any submission may be referred to publicly or published. Any material identified as ‘confidential’ is still subject to the Freedom of Information Act 1991 and, while efforts will be made to keep the material confidential, in some circumstances it may be disclosed under that Act. Where disclosure of information may identify you, attempts will be made to consult with you under the Freedom of Information Act 1991 before the documents are disclosed.

Meetings with the Reviewer

If you would prefer to meet with the Reviewer please send your request to: SafeWorkSAReview@sa.gov.au