Workers within the retail sector provide a valuable service to the community. A number of these workers are young and may work in isolation and may be unfamiliar with managing aggressive customers.

Work-related violence and aggression are common in the retail sector and includes any incident in which a worker is verbally abused, threatened or physically assaulted in circumstances relating to their work.

Work-related violence can cause both physical and psychological harm to workers, and result in significant economic and social costs to them, their family, the business where they work and the wider community.

SafeWork SA wants to ensure a safe work environment free from hazards for these workers.

SafeWork SA inspectors will be auditing retail outlets both in metropolitan and regional areas.

Audits will be undertaken to ensure that businesses have:

  • appropriate policies and procedures in place to address the risk of violence and aggression
  • relevant training for workers, and
  • suitable control measures in place to protect workers.

Inspectors will educate PCBUs to ensure they are informed of their work health and safety obligations, responsibilities and how to appropriately manage risks.

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For further information, see our violence and aggression in retail page.