It’s always hard to return to work after a holiday. It doesn’t take long before the time off is a distant memory, new year’s resolutions are broken, and workloads begin to pile up.

But really, going back to the office after a relaxing break should make you feel refreshed and recharged. It should give you a new sense of focus for kicking some professional career goals this year.

Is it normal to dread returning to work after holidays?

A recent poll found that more than 80 per cent of office workers did not look forward to going back to work after vacation.

These feelings are commonly known as the back-to-work blues and describe the tired, unmotivated mood or “emotional jet lag" associated with the first few days back at work.

But before you get too down, here are some helpful tips to boost your wellbeing to get you through the back-to-work-blues and help you stay motivated.

1. Give your workspace a makeover

Workspaces do not have to be sterile. Give your working area a quick tidy up to clear the clutter and then set about bringing it to life.

Put up some photos or plants to add some character. By making your workspace a pleasant and comfortable environment, you’ll be happier to spend time there.

And it will promote a sense of serenity when you arrive each morning.

2. Take regular breaks

No one can stay focused or productive for eight hours straight. Taking a short break from your monitor every hour will help with your productivity.

Standing up, stretching or going for a short walk is a great way to get your blood circulating, endorphins flowing, elevate your mood and help you feel better at work.

3. Make yourself a healthy lunch

Take some time to prepare a healthy lunch a few days a week. Healthy food is a great source of energy and nutrients for the body and brain, helping you work efficiently through the afternoon.

4.Don’t have lunch at your desk. Get up and go outside.

There is not much enjoyment in having your lunch at your keyboard. It is called a lunch break for good reason.

Taking a midday break to get out of the office or at least away from your desk is highly beneficial for your mood. Giving your eyes and brain a rest, and a chance to chat about something other than work.

Exercise does wonders for mental health, so going for a walk and talk is great for the body and mind.

5. Listen to music

If you’re feeling a dip in motivation at work, boost your wellbeing with a happy playlist.
Music is said to improve your mental health, lift your mood, improve your mental health and reduce stress. It can also help with concentration and even get you to grooving through any tedious task.

Share your playlist with a co-worker, or collaborate with the team on a new one.

6. Add some variety to your week

While many of us look forward to Friday afternoons, the other days of the week often get less affection.

Doing a different activity each day of the week either before, during or after work will give you something to look forward to. Going to a gym class, trying a new lunch spot, catching up with a friend or having a movie night.

Adding variety to your routine will enrich the quality of your days.

7. Have fun at work

Work provides a great opportunity to make connections, build relationships and share knowledge.

Bringing in some donuts to share, exchanging stories with co-workers and having a friendly debate can be fun and are great ways to strengthen your office team spirit network.

Having fun and feeling positive at work will also elevate the mood of the office.

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