SafeWork SA will be maintaining a strong focus on compliance with asbestos regulations across the State in response to yet another asbestos licence holder suspension.

SafeWork SA has commenced a proactive compliance campaign to be conducted over the coming months to ensure that asbestos removal regulations are followed.

Martyn Campbell, Executive Director SafeWork SA said, “I have asked our inspectors to monitor a cross-section of the construction industry to ensure that all asbestos licence holders are fulfilling their responsibilities in complying with asbestos regulations”.

“The focus for our inspectors will be ensuring that asbestos is identified and removed prior to commencing refurbishment or demolition”.

As a building owner engaging a contractor to undertake refurbishment, or demolition work, you have a duty to ensure the register is reviewed and if necessary, revised to ensure all asbestos is identified and removed.

On Saturday 5 September 2020, SafeWork SA suspended a class B asbestos removal licence holder due to a history of non-compliance. Most recently, they failed to remove all asbestos from a residential premise, and did not decontaminate the area where asbestos had been removed.

The business failed to comply with section 19 of the Work Health and Safety Act 2012 (SA) to take reasonable care of their workers’ health and safety and to ensure that they do not adversely affect the health and safety of others.

“This is the fifth suspension of an asbestos licence holder in less than a year and I will not tolerate this continued disregard for asbestos regulations,” said Mr Campbell.

“Licence holders that continually fail to meet their obligations will be sent a clear message that SafeWork SA will take enforcement action against poor performance in regards to unsafe asbestos removal practices”.

SafeWork SA reminds all duty holders involved with removal of asbestos of their responsibilities in complying with asbestos regulations.

Further details on requirements can be found on the SA Government asbestos website.