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Pressure equipment operation

High Risk Work

Pressure equipment operation has been classed as High Risk Work since 1 September 2010. To undertake this work you need a Licence to Perform High Risk Work.

To get a new qualification in pressure equipment operation you must undertake appropriate training and be assessed as competent by an Assessor who is accredited with SafeWork SA (PDF 45kb). For further details see Getting a new licence or adding a class.

The classes for operating pressure equipment are as follows:

Standard boiler operation (Class BS)

covers the operation of a boiler with a single fuel source that does not have a pre-heater, superheater or economiser attached.

Advanced boiler operation (Class BA)

covers the operation of a boiler, including a standard boiler, which may have one or more of the following:

  • multiple fuel sources
  • pre-heater
  • superheater
  • economiser

Turbine operation (Class TO)

covers the operation of a turbine that has an output of 500kW or more and:

  • is multi-wheeled, or
  • is capable of a speed greater than 3600rpm, or
  • has attached condensers, or
  • has a multi-staged heat exchange extraction process

Reciprocating steam engine operation (Class ES)

covers the operation of a reciprocating steam engine where the diameter of any piston exceeds 250 millimetres