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Organise your own workplace activity


Get involved in National Safe Work Month 2016 and organise your own workplace activity to show your commitment to improving work health and safety to your workers, suppliers, clients and the community.

It's a great opportunity to:

  • demonstrate to your workers the importance of work health and safety
  • encourage workers to speak up about safety concerns
  • identify safety risks and find solutions
  • generate new ideas and improvements to reduce injuries
  • talk with new and young workers about the importance of work health and safety
  • get together to talk about how to achieve a safe and healthy workplace for everyone
  • remind workers that workplace safety is valued, and that everyone is responsible
  • highlight what your organisation is doing to make the workplace safe.

To get started check out our workplace activity pages for great activity ideas, tips, tools and resources to help you.


Congratulations to the following organisations that held an event during National Safe Work Month and won a prize pack:

  • Parkwynd Private Hospital
  • Hills Community Options Inc
  • Community Health
  • Fleurieu Cranes.