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Involving your workers in work health and safety activities


Using workshops, toolbox talks and safety walks helps foster positive work health and safety practices and meet your legal responsibilities.

Getting your team together around a topic of interest means that you can:

  • provide new people to your workplace with useful inductions that helps them be safe on the job
  • train your team, targeting skills to meet the needs of your workplace now and into the future
  • talk with your team about issues which can (or are likely to) affect their health or safety
  • better identify and manage hazards - your team can learn about hazards and help you spot those you may not have noticed alone
  • monitor, review and improve the way you work together as well as what you do and how you all do it.

Best of all you show that you value your people enough to invest time and effort in them - which is proven to give you a return on productivity.

Encouraging workers to speak up about the safety issues they notice means:

  • people are more aware of looking out for each other
  • incidents, including near misses, are reported
  • there are fewer incidents and injuries
  • morale increases
  • productivity increases.