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If you are planning something more formal


If you're planning a workshop, seminar, panel discussion or conference, before you start think about:

What you want to achieve

  • induction - something new to learn
  • training - teaching new skills
  • improved morale

Who can help you

Who you want there (perhaps it's a particular group you are aiming for)

  • young workers
  • new workers
  • contractors
  • clients
  • suppliers
  • the public

Which format will best work

  • formal presentation
  • workshop
  • social or casual event
  • mixture of social and formal event

Any approvals needed

  • your director/manager
  • travel or accommodation approvals e.g. for presenters

Costs and any funding available

  • room and equipment hire
  • presenter fees and costs
  • catering

Promoting your activity

  • emails
  • fliers
  • toolbox meetings
  • newsletters
  • online

Involvement of the media

  • media releases