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Your industry

  • incident and injury trends and stats within the industry
  • what is putting your employees at risk and driving up your claim costs
  • work health and safety responsibilities for workers and business owners

Safety procedures at work

  • fire/evacuation drill
  • handling of materials (hazardous manual handling)
  • hazardous manual tasks
  • identify new hazards and review existing hazards
  • hazard identification and risk assessment
  • develop/review hazard controls
  • infection control
  • slips, trips and falls and how to avoid them

Induction and training

  • new and young worker safety
  • consultation
  • communication e.g. with non-English speakers, active listening

Benefits of a healthy workplace

  • work life balance - benefits for all
  • psychological health - taking care of yourself and each other
  • being fit for work
  • workplace drug and alcohol strategy
  • managing fatigue
  • workplace violence - telltale signs and strategies

Incident notification

  • what to report on and why
  • what to expect if an inspector calls