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Work health and safety (WHS)

South Australia's work health and safety (WHS) laws provide a balanced and consistent framework to secure the health and safety of workers and workplaces.

Effective work health and safety management requires a commitment from everyone in the workplace to make it safe. To do this successfully, people need to understand their responsibilities and how to meet them.

Business owners have a key responsibility of ensuring everyone's health and safety is not put at risk by what the business does.

Workers must take reasonable care of their own safety and ensure that they don't adversely affect the health and safety of anyone else.

As the state's work health and safety regulator, SafeWork SA's focus is on the prevention of workplace injuries through engagement and action to address identified work health and safety issues.

Our regulatory arm consists of WHS Inspectors who are responsible for ensuring that work health and safety and public safety standards are met, and that appropriate enforcement action is taken when breaches of the state's laws are detected.

Our educator arm has a team of WHS Advisors who provide free and tailored information, advice and support to meet individual workplace needs. They have no inspector powers so you can be comfortable asking for help to better understand and meet your work health and safety responsibilities.