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The Shop Trading Hours Act 1977 does not apply to exempt shops, which is the vast majority of South Australia's retail sector. You can trade during the hours that suit your business needs, including on all full and part-day public holidays, if:

  • your shop is not located in the Greater Adelaide Shopping District (GASD) or a proclaimed shopping district
  • your shop is located in the GASD or a proclaimed shopping district and:
    • has less than 200mē of retail floor area, or
    • is a grocery store with less than 400mē of retail floor area, and
    • has an adjacent or adjoining storage area no bigger than half the shop's retail floor area
  • your shop is of the following types (regardless of size):
    • cafes, restaurants and take-away food 
    • service stations, licensed under Section 17 of the Act, selling a range of goods common to service stations which could include goods generally stocked by convenience stores
    • hairdressers
    • ten pin bowling alleys, squash centres and golf courses
    • antiques (other than coins or stamps)
    • live fish and aquariums etc.
    • paintings and crafts
    • bookshops and newsagents
    • pharmacies
    • cosmetics
    • medical and surgical appliances
    • florists
    • non-alcoholic drinks, ice-cream, confectionery or light refreshments
    • pets and accessories
    • plant nurseries
    • souvenirs
    • tobacconists
    • cash-and-carry wholesale warehouses
    • horticultural or agricultural shows
    • short-term charitable, religious or benevolent sponsored
    • agricultural machinery
    • fine art, either by auction or on commission
    • caravans and/or trailers
    • hire rather than sale of goods (e.g. video hire, machinery hire etc.).

Special trading exemptions may be granted or declared on a temporary basis either on the initiative of the Minister for Industrial Relations or by applying to the Minister's office.