There is no density rule for lifts. However, you must still ensure, as far as you reasonably can, that people continue to practice physical distancing. There should be sufficient room so as not to physically touch another person and for the ease of egress of persons at different floor levels. This will result in the lift maximum capacities not being used.

Anyone who feels uncomfortable with the number of people in the lift should wait for the next available lift.

It is still prudent to implement other controls, such as regular personal hygiene and hand washing, regular cleaning of high touch point areas and other controls to reduce or change the frequency of lift usage.

Workers and Health and Safety Representatives must be consulted in the development of protocols for using lifts and workers have the right to not travel in a lift if they feel unsafe to do so.

We ask that businesses and workers remain vigilant to the SA Health guidelines.

SafeWork SA is here to support businesses and workers to safely return to work, so if you have questions relating to lift use do not hesitate to call our Help Centre on 1300 365 255 or email us.