SafeWork SA offers a broad range of job opportunities and learning experiences.

Current vacancies are listed below as well as IWORKFORSA. You can also look out for our Facebook and LinkedIn career opportunity posts.

We are committed to diversity, inclusion, and innovative ways of working.  We welcome applications from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, people with disability, culturally and linguistically diverse groups, the LGBTIQ+ community, and people of all ages.

Our merit-based recruitment process allows us to choose the right people from a broad selection of skilled applicants with different backgrounds, experiences, and circumstances.

We strive to be an inclusive workplace and progressive employer, where our people can thrive to ensure the best possible service to South Australia.

We support work life balance and offer flexible working arrangements, where and when possible, to meet people’s diverse needs.

Become a SafeWorkSA Inspector

Our Inspectors  are committed to the health and safety of people and their workplaces.

They are often on-site at workplaces providing advice on:

  • improving work health and safety
  • providing licences and registration for potentially dangerous work
  • investigating workplace incidents, and
  • enforcing work health and safety laws across South Australia

All Inspectors can be involved in:

  • securing compliance with legislation related to workplace and community safety
  • facilitating presentations, workshops, advisory services and participate in forums to educate and engage customers, stakeholders and industries across SA
  • conducting investigations into workplace incidents and legislative breaches
  • building industry capability through collaborative stakeholder engagement, evidence and risk-based harm prevention initiatives
  • delivering projects aimed at reducing fatalities, serious injuries and illness
  • providing specialist compliance advice and assistance
  • regulating licensing regimes and accredited third party providers
  • contributing to the development of guidance materials and policy.

You will work with South Australian employers to assist them in creating and maintaining workplaces where employees return home safely each day.

Working for the Education team at SafeWork SA

Working as a Work Health and Safety Advisor at Safework SA

More information

SafeWork SA is a branch of the Attorney-General’s Department and is accountable to the Attorney General. For career information, visit Working at AGD.