We administer a number of South Australian acts and regulations relating to:

We are committed to effective stakeholder consultation for all legislation in our jurisdiction before making any recommendations to the Treasurer.

Hard copies of legislation can be purchased online from Service SA. To automatically receive hard copy amendments to a piece of legislation, contact Government Publishing SA on 8207 0908 or email.

Work health and safety

South Australia's work health and safety laws align with those in New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, the Australian Capital Territory, the Northern Territory and the Commonwealth who have all adopted the same national model laws.

Codes of Practice provide practical guidance on how to comply with your legal obligations. We have developed a glossary to help explain some of the terminology used in the legislation and Codes of Practice.

Work Health and Safety Act and Regulations

Mines and Works Inspection Act and Regulations

See our mining and quarrying page for further information

Shop trading hours

See our shop trading arrangements page for further information.


Public and bank holidays in South Australia are prescribed by the Holidays Act 1910.

While the Act prescribes every Sunday to be a public holiday this is generally not observed with the Sunday provisions contained in an Award or Enterprise Agreement prevailing over the public holiday provisions (e.g. some Awards and Agreements contain special provisions for when Christmas Day falls on a weekend).

Enquiries relating to rates of public holiday pay and entitlements for the South Australian private sector workforce should be directed to Fair Work Ombudsman.

Long Service Leave

See our long service leave page for further information.

Daylight saving

South Australia observes daylight saving time.

Daylight Saving begins with clocks moving forward 1 hour at 2am on the first Sunday in October.

Daylight Saving time ends with clocks moving back 1 hour at 3am on the first Sunday in April.

Standard time is fixed throughout South Australia as 9 hours and 30 minutes in advance of Co-ordinated Universal Time, which is an internationally accepted time standard.

Dangerous substances, explosives and petroleum products

Dangerous Substances Act and Regulations

See our chemicals and substances page for further information.

Explosives Act and Regulations

See our explosives page for further information.

Petroleum Products Regulation Act and Regulations

Employment agents

Clothing outworkers

Fair work and industrial relations