This industry includes:

  • store-based retailing
  • supermarkets
  • motor vehicle, parts and fuel retailing
  • online shopping
  • direct mail.

Common hazards and injuries

Retails workers are likely to be injured at work due to:

  • body stressing
  • falls, slips and trips
  • wounds and lacerations
  • being hit by moving objects
  • mental stress.

Common hazards include:

  • demanding customers
  • long hours standing
  • sustained awkward positions
  • lifting and moving heavy objects
  • exposure to vibration
  • tiredness due to irregular shift work.

Other specific areas of risk include:

  • escalator and moving walkway void in-fills
  • H-frame roll cages.

Safety solutions


Hazardous manual tasks

Mental health and wellbeing

New and young workers

Slips, trips and falls