Our online activities - Hunt for Hazards, Virtual Hotel, Virtual Supermarket and Virtual Office - have been retired due to the expiry of Adobe Flash. Adobe blocked all Flash content from running in their Flash Player as at 12 January 2021.

Activities for high school students

Hazard identification activity

Download (uses Microsoft PowerPoint) these activities for your class.

Word search

Download our word search as a light activity that will get students thinking about safety and activities that may be hazardous.

Activities for TAFE level students

Introduction to Safety

The Introduction to Safety tutorial is designed for young workers starting out in their first job. It aims to give a new workers an understanding of the basic health and safety issues they may face at work.


Download our crossword as a light activity that aims to get students thinking about the many hazards they may encounter when at work. It also aims to give students an understanding of the role of SafeWork SA and the breadth of topics covered under our legislation.

Teacher's aids

Hazard identification