SafeWork SA is again running its popular ‘Organise Your Own Workplace Activity’ competition as part of its National Safe Work Month events.

The National Safe Work Month 2022 theme is Know safety, work safely with a weekly focus on different health and safety areas including injuries at work, mental health and managing WHS risks.

Whether you have five employees or 500 employees, in Adelaide or in one of SA's great regional centres you can get involved. Organise your own workplace activity and show your commitment to health and safety in your workplace.

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Thinking of hosting an activity or event at your workplace that focuses on employee work health and safety during October 2022?

Register for the competition and you can win a gift voucher worth $500.

Hosting your activity

There are a range of activities you can organise in your workplace to raise awareness about work health and safety.

Being healthy and safe means not only being free from physical harm but also psychological harm - this means a workplace free from bullying. A safe and healthy workplace benefits everyone.

In addition to that, an HSR activity is a fabulous way of fostering teamwork and connection.

Your work place activity or event can be quite fun and informal. In previous years workplaces have organised a range of activities such as:

  • a safety quiz
  • a themed morning tea
  • a hazard identification competition
  • a clean up day that focusses on removing potential hazards
  • mini Olympics that gets both your brains and muscles active
  • arranging a health check for staff
  • a talk with a focus on an aspect of work health and safety that impacts your business
  • produced a safety video or training course.

Register your activity with us, and your workplace can go into the running to win one of our gold, silver or bronze awards worth up to $500. We have prizes for both large businesses and the very small so everyone is in the running no matter what your budget.

See what other workplaces are doing or check out our competition winners from 2019 and 2020 for some inspiration!

Don't forget to promote your event on social media and let everyone know you take safety seriously - use #safeworkmonth and #KnowSafety #WorkSafely on your posts.

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Obela Fresh Dips & Spreads Safety Event offsite for entire company to launch the new Obela Safety Branding to recognise safety as our number one priority. In particular to identify at this event upcoming improvement activities being rolled out in 2021 relating to Risk Management, Culture Building, Communication and Consistency.
ACHA Health A 3 hour workshop to engage & provide a networking opportunity for the Health & Safety Representatives from our 3 sites (Optional attendance by HSR's but they will be paid if they attend). Guest presenter (Jane Wundersitz) engaged to talk on "Influencing Safety" and in particular how to engage their work group to proactively seek solutions. Lunch will be provided and there will be prizes available as well to encourage safety sharing.
Korvest Ltd Korvest is offering free, 10 minute, confidential, skin cancer checks to its workers to be conducted by a doctor from CHG at our Kilburn site. Despite being almost entirely preventable, skin cancer continues to affect at least 1 in every 2 Australians in their lifetime. Most skin cancers (including melanoma) can be treated successfully if it is found early. This is purely voluntary and the results will be provided to the worker and not the company. A referral to the worker's doctor will be provided for any suspicious spots.
Master Builders SA Getting MBASA Apprentices to submit informative short videos about workplace incidents/safety on construction sites. These will be used across our social media accounts, at apprentice inductions and at the apprentice end of year safety event.
Outback Logistics Outback Logistics are undertaking a safety reset for their team working on a clients remote site. The reset is being called " Drive Safe, Deliver Safe" and will include refresher training in various WHS items, establishing a vision for what "Drive Safe, Deliverr Safe" looks like in practise. Refresh of the operations risk profile by consulting the workforce at safety meetings and via surveys. Outback want to use the Safework month as a foundation for the reset as part of a longer term program.
St Joseph's House

Strengthening Worker Involvement in Governance Processes, through:

  • Worker education which promotes workplace diversity and overcoming challenges to diversity (online EEO and Anti-Discrimination training), implementation of a Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Action Plan and a review of WHS induction processes to ensure diversity is taken into account.
  • Improved consultation processes with workers relating to policies and procedures. This ensures workers are aware of where to find policies and procedures and how they can have input in daily workflow processes.
  • Worker education on the Continuous Quality Improvement process and how an individual workers input can shape the workplace to improve safety and culture.
  • Weekly Staff Safety messages through National Safe Work Month with a focus on improving workplace safety.
South Australian Native Title Services

SANTS Crime Scene Investigation
Over October staff will be trying to solve several cases based on mock 'crime scene photos'. Instead of solving a murder the staff will have to identify the hazard that caused the injury, the level of risk and what controls could be put in place in the future. There will be several crime scenes to solve throughout the month.

Motor Vehicle Safety
There will be a presentation given by a qualified senior member of staff on Motor vehicle safety including how to inspect and maintain the vehicle before going on a trip and how to change a tyre. Although training is provided to staff it will be a good refreshment of memory. Masks SANTS has ordered masks designed by an indigenous artist to encourage safe COVID 19 practice at work.


Something each day....

  • Safety Slogan Competition @ Toolbox
  • 4 x PEER Safety Video
  • Safety Hacks with Jax. @ Toolbox
  • Series of other safety videos
  • Nothing is Routine (Complacency)
  • Workplace Safety Training Video (Funny) @ Toolbox
  • Virtual Voga Digital Workshop
  • Work safe and stress less: Freedom from frazzle Digital Workshop
  • Managing psychological hazards and risks (with SafeWork SA) Wellness
  • Health Assessments Day Series of Information Communications
  • Towards Zero - Officers & Due Diligence
  • Towards Zero - Workers Duties Reasonably Practicable
  • Towards Zero - Reasonably Practicable & Penalties
  • Towards Zero - Psychological Risks Casual Day
  • Hawaiian - Fundraiser
  • Mates in Construction Safety Slogan Competition closes
  • SocialMedia:
Civil Contractors Federation SA A range of safety demonstrations and activities relating to the civil industry by our CCF SA members at the Civil Train SA live work site.
AHT Group

Continuing with a focus around Safety in our working environment; with a special focus on our Sensitive areas of work. To highlight National Safe Work Month, we are running activities to get the AHT team involved & thinking about Safety:

  • Hazard Identification Competition - Engaging our team to remain vigilant and focus on identifying hazards that exist both in our work place and in general life. Ensuring our team is opened minded to observe hazards may not just be electrical in nature.
  • Safety Related Find a Word - 21 words with a focus on WHS and our work. Trying to ensure our team have fun while maintaining a safety related focus.
  • WHS Quiz - 12 questions for our team to answer to see how much knowledge they possess in WHS related thinking.

We will be offering prizes for all activities, with the chance for everyone to walk away with a prize! Safety is something that is at the core of our business and we are really excited to participate in National Safe Work Month!

Built EnvironsAll Built Environs projects across Australia and New Zealand are invited to participate in our Safe Work Month Competition.
City of BurnsideWalk a mile in my shoes. During October as part of their commitment to National Safe Work Month, the CEO and Director will be actively engaging with various teams across Council to participate in their service delivery.
IKEA Pty Ltd - Adelaide

We had a great time last year and had a excellent level of engagement from the store. So we have decided to join again this year and have been planning this for some time now...

  • 1st - 3rd October - Introduction
  • 4th - 10th October - First Aid - First aid demos, releasing an industry new first aid back nack with DEFIB included
  • 11th - 17th October - Mental Health Week - Benestar support services onsite with material on services, A free healthy breakfast in co-workers amd more...
  • 18th - 24th October - SDS, PPE and Manual Handling training, videos
  • 25th - 31st October - Lock Out & Tag out training and New equipment

Activities running throughout the month:

  • Mindfulness activities in chill out zones with drawings activities, stress free calming music
  • Working Safety packs - HI-VIS vest, safety gloves & clip, face mask, small bottle of hand sanitiser, safety glasses and block of chocolate.
  • Safety Videos by co-workers.
Barossa Quarries Pty LtdWith forthcoming warmer weather and the potential of fires in our region, we are planning, creating and presenting an in-house Fire awareness training for all staff at our production plant. All staff who participate in the hour presentation and successfully complete the short quiz at the end will receive a certificate of completion.
Spotless - RAHMultiple events throughout October by all of our service lines Cleaning Catering PSSA Maintenance Security Orderlies Help desk/Admin etc
JSEAsyOur company is committed to a safe and healthy workplace, and for that reason, every day our employees undertake short group sessions doing physical activity to have better physical, mental health, and emotional wellbeing.
Co Create Solutions

As part of our preparations for a busy few months up to Christmas, we decided to commit to a full day dedicated to "Boots off for Safety" (BOFS).

The day was for all office and workshop staff to be based at our facility which had an agenda to cover multiple areas and to help prevent against any complacency, something which we are going to continue doing quarterly to help catch up in areas that may be of focus. We started our day with a toolbox talk and then continued into a planned workshop and vehicle clean up which will get everything in place for the up and coming works but also clear areas that may have had a bit of a build-up of materials that are no longer required.

Additionally in the morning we carried out one to one appraisals with all members of staff and apprentices to cover their current position and assess any aspirations for growth in the company.

We then went over our competency register and carried out competency updates with specific employees such as cold saw awareness, correct polishing techniques and welding methods – ensuring everyone is using the same techniques to ensure our consistent outputs.

A group lunch was then provided for all staff which was a chance for both office staff and workshop employees to socialise together which is a rarity due to the locations of work.
As part of the day employees were asked if they would like to demonstrate as part of the competency updates; so after lunch some members of staff demonstrated the following:

  1. Fire extinguisher refresher; Going over certain types and correct use procedures
  2. Tying of loads; Showing correct knots and positioning for materials that get moved from the workshop to site
  3. RPE Awareness; Discussing and showing equipment that will be invested in by the company to counter certain types of exposure risks such as Personal welding fume extraction hoods.
  4. Eye safety awareness; Discussing and showing different safety glasses to use in certain environments with task specific requirements accompanied with a video for added awareness.

Our emergency fire drill procedures were conducted and everyone successfully mustered to the correct location within a great time.

The First Aid Kit, Hot Box, Spill Kit and Safety Data Sheet folder were all audited ensuring that there is sufficient supplies and that everything is up to date.

The final part of the day was an open floor for anyone to raise anything from the day or about the months coming up and to emphasise that all suggestions and ideas would be considered should someone feel it would make their work place safer, or a task more economical or a process more efficient.

But it was also a good chance to see that the everyone (especially the apprentices), felt that the day was a success; and going forward, we would be introducing this as a quarterly initiative to maintain a high standard and reduce potential complacency.

Tercel HR and Safety / West Coast First Aid SuppliesWe are having a 3 day mini expo for safety. Showing off a range of PPE and other safety items such as fire fighting equipment and first aid kits and supplies. We will also be offering some small 20 minute safety presentations around WHS Roles and Responsibilities and WHS Management Systems. There will also be some on New and Young Workers and Mental Health. Total of 13 over 3 days (Program still being finalised) We are also offering drive through test and tagging and drive through first aid kit checking.
iBuildsa Pty Ltd

During October we will be running a series of events dealing with mental health and well being. All of our staff will be actively engaging with Veterans and First Responders who have suffered from or who are currently suffering from PTSD, learning about the power of 'shared experience' and the need for support to all workers in every work environment.

Our staff will be working at Veterans Gallery South Australia to help build mobile galleries, with the Diving Veterans & First Responders Program building story boards and will be attending/critically reviewing and workshopping mental health webinars, including Suicide Prevention Australia's 2021 Conference and SafeWork SA's Leaders as Agents of Change.

All of our activities are designed to teach our employees that mental health can be openly spoken about and the value of peer-support.

BevChainSite Safety Survey that takes 4 minutes. I am asking all of my team to participate in a Safety survey so that we can get some feedback from our drivers and warehouse employees. I think it is really important that we involve our team in safety and especially involving those working out in the field.
Bowhill EngineeringLoud Shirt event to promote hearing conservation.... Employees to wear a loud shirt to our monthly celebration hour where we celebrate our business and employees achievements. There will be a prize for the loudest shirt and a spiel to go over the importance of hearing conservation and looking after one another's hearing and wellbeing.
Yorke Peninsula CouncilCouncil put on 2 days of consecutive breakfasts for both our indoor and outdoor staff followed by a video presentation from a public speaker who was involved in a workplace accident resulting in permanent spinal damage. The presentation was based around "choices" made in the workplace that can impact the workers life as well as friends and family. As well as the presentation Council organised a safety scavenger hunt for depot staff that contained quizzes and challenges to meet to win a prize.
SHAPE Australia SHAPE is conducting a virtual Q&A over our social media platforms with our Environmental, Health, Safety & Quality team! SHAPE has been actively promoting the initiative with our subcontractors and existing social media audiences to gain their participation in the Q&A. These events will be an opportunity for our audiences to ask questions relating to our management systems, processes and anything safety related! Themes will be 'think safe' - planning & preparation before coming to site, and 'work safe' - innovative safety solutions and processes being implemented by SHAPE & our subcontractors to safely deliver jobs onsite
Bordertown Memorial Hospital Worker Health Check - We are having a weekly walking group for all staff every Tuesday afternoon throughout the month of Oct, we are also offering staff Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose Level testing a number of times throughout the month. We are promoting mental health education and staff wellness programmes offered by SA Health and external providers, and encouraging self-care activities to ensure all staff are both physically and mentally performing at their best.
Tesla Motors Inc We are running EHS Week over the 25th to 29th of October covering two different safety topics each day, in the form of one "lunch and learn" speaker session with both an internal and an external speaker, plus a written toolbox communication. We are covering the principles of Human Organisational Performance, Mental Health, Electrical Safety, PPE, Security, the Stop Work Authority, Driver Safety, Essential Safeguards, Fire Safety, Hazard Reporting, and safety outside of the workplace.
Acclaimed WorkforceFor the month of October I have created a program for our office staff to participate in 'Mind Your Health' - 'Every Mind Matters' part of the health and safety month. Now more than ever, we recognize that during a global pandemic, taking care of your mental health couldn’t be more important. By taking a few moments each day to write down 1 -3 positive things from your day (in your notebooks you have received… and whilst eating your Kit Kat) you can help improve your mood and change your thinking to a positive mind set where we are looking for the positives in each day rather than focusing on the negatives. This forms part of practicing gratitude, relishing in good experiences/moments and outcomes. From this we can then improve our sleep, emotional regulation and increase feelings of happiness (creating a positive mood). Everyone was provided with a notebook and pen, and random desk drops with different chocolates and emails with mental health information.
BardavcolNew roll out of our new working near powerline signage and training package. BBQ will be provided to celebrate our new milestone. Some employee's have already under gone internal training and the remainder will follow. Our Work Instruction has been amended to suit our new requirements.
Workzone Traffic ControlFor more than 16 years, Workzone Traffic Control has been creating safe work environments for our clients. In recognition of National Safe Work Month and our appreciation of the work undertaken by Safework SA, we are ensuring that our people are supported in their roles, by investing in continuous education and improvement. This is embodied by weekly training sessions in risk assessment & management, safe work method statements, and job safety analysis. The training covers the methodology, legal requirements, and practical application of the processes of risk assessment and management, to deliver outcomes that ensure our people incorporate safe work practices as the core of everything they do, not simply a conversation or afterthought to respond to an incident.
CavpowerOn the 8th of October Cavpower will hold a Doughnut Day in support of National Safe Work Month. The symbolism of the doughnut is to represent a 0-incident theme, and to start a conversation about what it takes to create a zero-harm environment for our team mates. Our organisation is going to hold a themed morning tea across our regional and metropolitan based sites. With the intent of enjoying a doughnut, discussing the risks associated in our work, what control measures we have in place, and why working safe is important to us. This idea was raised out of our employee council meetings when discussions started around Safe Work Australia's Think Safe. Work Safe. Be Safe campaign.
Adcorp Property GroupMelbourne Cup staff luncheon. Drinks and lunch provided, office closure to watch the race and enjoy some social time together.
CMAX Clinical Research Pty LtdWe are offering an incentive for staff, who have had at least one COVID-19 vaccination, to enter in the running for 30 prizes valued at $300 each. 10 prizes will be drawn on Friday 22nd October at our staff event celebrating the opening of our new building. 20 prizes will be drawn on Friday 26th November at our staff xmas function.
Mister SunshinesWe will be holding a quiz night and dinner night for the staff to help with some staff going through mental health issues.. it will be called "holding it together with open minds".
AG Security GroupAG Security Group organised a themed morning tea session to promote and support National Safe Work Month. This year, our theme is “Return Home Safe”, as it is our top priority to see that everyone returns home safely at the end of every day. We also had a fun safety quiz presentation during morning tea session, and all AG Team Members enthusiastic participation in answering the questions. Some of the questions included listing out the fire extinguishers located in our office building and where to obtain chemicals / hazardous materials information. Team Members reported back that the quiz raised their safety awareness and the importance of work health and safety in our workplace. Overall, this was a very successful team building event.
Kingston District Council

It is important for our workplace to recognise and further educate every employee on the importance of workplace safety. Working closely with our CEO, an afternoon was dedicated to engage in a fun and productive session. We focussed on both psychological & physical safety within the workplace, successfully achieving this with a variety of activities:

  • A seminar: Finding the Positives, allowed employees the opportunity to identify & challenge their self-beliefs, build trust & nourish relationships.
  • A guided stretching session.
  • 20 Question Work Health & Safety Quiz to refresh workers on vital safety awareness.
  • A series of ‘minute to win it’ challenges & team activities involving lots of fun & laughter.
  • A voucher for the winning team to enjoy a team lunch together.
  • A healthy take home snack pack.
  • Incorporating the National Safe Work Month as our email signature.

The well thought out afternoon, incorporating elements of workplace safety, which was positively received by all.

Yadu Health Aboriginal Corporation

As an Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation with mostly Aboriginal employees we were driven to enter the National Safe Work Month competition this year because of the enormous impact COVID-19 has continually had on the way we work and our local community members. The work safe committee liaised with all staff members to gauge what they believed was needed around education and awareness and program of the following was developed to address issues raised.

Date of events:

  • 13th October – Temp check, symptoms check (installed a specialized machine for COVID-19 check)
  • 18th October – COVID-19 Vaccinations offered for staff.
  • 21st October – 2 hour Awareness, training and education workshop
    • Work and Safety song (relaxation)
    • Supplied hand stress balls to each of the employees
    • Health checks for all staff
    • Educational talk on health and safety at work - Manual handling - Needle stick injury awareness - Mental wellness - Desk ergonomic
    • Personal trainer onsite to help/guide staff with exercises to reduce
    • Safety Quiz – including prizes
    • Educated Staff about healthy eating choices – through star rating (during the Themed morning Tea).
  • 26th October - Skin cancer checks offered for all staff

Awareness and thought-provoking activities that we will have running throughout the month:

  • Calming music and dreaming art with mindfulness and the importance of mental health
  • Staff 8-week gym training program with personal trainer including healthy eating choices education
  • Testimonial from staff member who has had an accident at work.
Thomas Foods International - LobethalTFI-Lobethal provided a voluntary onsite COVID-19 vaccination clinic for it's workers. The clinic assisted employees from regions with limited vaccine's availability to receive the vaccination. In total 126 employees were fully vaccinated through the use of the onsite clinic. This has improved the overall safety of the workplace with regards to the control of COVID-19.
Barunga West Council


All employee names will be placed into Wheel names app.

Every Monday for 4 weeks, a safety slogan emailed to all staff. At any point during the following Thursday, a manager will approach the employee whose name has been drawn via the Wheel. That employee will be asked to quote the safety slogan of the day. If the employee can quote the safety slogan, the employee receives a $25 gift card (from a local supplier). If the employee does not quote the slogan, the gift card will be awarded the following week, increasing the award value.

W 6/10/21 - “Safety risks aren't yours to take. You're not the only one who will suffer from your mistake"

11/10/21 -"at your desk, do not slouch - or later you'll be saying ouch!"

14/10/21- "When working outdoors in the heat, protect your skin from your head to your feet"

25/10/21 - "When should you report a safety concern? Right away - as soon as you learn!"

Also on the 27/10 we have a full day of training, covering WHS & Risk

Timberlink Australia Pty LtdA hands and fingers safety focus, including education, awareness and understanding of EN Protection Standards for hand protection including EN388 Mechanical Protection, EN407 Heat Protection and EN374 Chemical Protection. The site workforce will be eligible to enter a competition that delivers the most positive safety outcome regarding hand and finger safety, using the hierarchy of control methodology.
WEEK 2 - SILICA AWARENESS (site FIT testing completed by workers wearing masks by HSE AUSTRALIA, training and silica awareness information)
WEEK 3 - MEWP DIGITAL START CARDS (worker “have a go”, digital MEWP start cards and hot work permits through QRcodes)
WEEK 4 - EMERGENCY RESPONE (series of emergency response scenarios conducted, information and training provided) I would love the opportunity to discuss further on how effective and well received this SAFEWORK MONTH was.
Guidera O'ConnorSnake Awareness Training - several sessions were held across sites in SA, WA and NSW with presenters and live snakes to raise awareness of what site personnel may encounter in warmer months and what they should do if they encounter snake or suspect they have been bitten.
Southern Cross FarmWe used safety month to sensitise workers around safety and to prepare for the bushfire season. We conducted demonstrations with bush firefighting units and workers identified shortcomings that could impact the response time in the event of a bushfire. As the firefighting units are stored on the ground, workers identified lifting the firefighting unit onto a utility vehicle requires at least two workers and additional equipment which could delay the response time. Workers recommended a stand should be constructed to allow the firefighting unit to be stored at the height of the utility vehicles used on the farm. This will allow for one worker to load the unit onto a utility vehicle, prevent any manual handling hazards and improve the response time in the event of a fire. During the rest of October, workers designed and built the stand that now allows one worker to load the unit onto a vehicle, improve response time and removes all the manual handling risks associated with this job.

Six businesses were recognised for their workplace safety initiatives held during National Safe Work Month.

Assessment of all registered events looked at originality of idea, relevance to health and safety and to their industry, promotion of events, and workplace engagement.

Gold award winners


(large organisation with over 200 employees)

IKEA went way above and beyond with their month long safety awareness campaign. Promoting different topics each week. Giving special focus to different departments in the organisation, allowing staff to nominate safety champions and offering prizes to make activities fun and engaging.

Sutterby Electrical

(small organisation less than 30 employees)

Sutterby focussed on the link between diet and mental health. With presentations from physical and mental health specialists and buying their staff a healthy lunch!

Silver award winners


(large organisation with over 200 employees)

RAA produced their own safety video in-house specifically addressing risks and issues which their staff encounter. A great resource that will have a long-life span, and a great effort put in to the production.

Master Builders SA

(small-medium organisation under 100 employees)

Masters Builders asked their apprentices to provide a “safety” motto competition to get them thinking about what makes a workplace safe and how to keep yourself safe whilst on the job.

Bronze award winners


(large organisation under 200 employees)

Korvest provided free, onsite and confidential worker health checks for their workers. The checks included:

  • Blood Profiling With Cardiochek machine (“pin prick” test)
  • Lipid Profile Cholesterol (Total CHOL)
  • Blood sugar (GLUC)

McLaren Vintners

(small organisation less than 30 employers)

McLaren Vintners had a snake catcher come out to speak about snake awareness, identification of the different types, how to be safe if you come in to contact with a snake and also first aid.

He spoke about the importance of ensuring your workplace (or home) is set up in a way that prevents snakes from making it their home. All staff found it extremely beneficial not only from a workplace perspective but also taught them how to stay safe at home. They would very much recommend that all workplaces, especially wineries, undertake this training.

Our 2019 competition winners came up with a variety of ideas to help promote work health and safety in their organisations.

Advanced Plastic Recycling staff with their winner's certificate

Advanced Plastic Recycling

Advanced Plastic Recycling held a Safety Improvements Competition encouraging employees to be "Safety Champions". This competition asked employees to suggest safety initiatives in five categories - Product Loading, On the Road, Daily Activities, Factory Tours, Christmas. Employees were encouraged to suggest initiatives in these areas, submissions judged against set criteria and finalists decided by employee vote. There was one overall winner plus a winner and winners in each category. This competition was a fun and effective way to encourage the team to consider further safety improvements and promote collaboration. (27 employees)

ATEC staff with their winner's certificate

ATEC Group Training

ATEC Group Training ran a competition with it's apprentices to SMS "One Line Safety Messages". For each day of October one of these SMS's was selected and sent out to all of our apprentices. At the end of the month, all entries went into a draw for one of 3 prizes. (135 employees)

ATYS staff with their winner's certificate


ATSYS empowered individuals to be Safety Champions by handing out raffle tickets to all employees who promote safety. Staff were encouraged to share their on-site safety experiences, identify safety hazards and suggest mitigation measures, manage PPE allocations, maintain a hazard free work space and correctly answer safety questions from the WHS Procedure and Legislation Quiz. At the end of the month, a ‘Safety Champion Morning Tea’ was held where each raffle ticket holder was able to take a spin of the ‘Wheel of Safety’. This concluded the month with a bang – a safe one of course! (60 employees)

N.F. McDonnell & Sons

NF MacDonell staff with their winner's certificate

N.F. McDonnell & Sons strongly believe that safety needs to be at the forefront of their business every day. The company used National Safe Work Month as an opportunity to recognise and reward their safety champions for their hard work and commitment to safety. N.F McDonnell & Sons'  workplace activity commenced in January 2019 encouraging their workers to be safety champions throughout the year by holding their own Safe Work Month competition. Winners announced at a special safety BBQ held in October. (120 employees)

Parkwynd Private Hospital staff with their winner's certificate

Parkwynd Private Hospital

Parkwynd developed a 'Health & Wellbeing and Safety' calendar for the month of October with an 'activity' for every day of the month. Activities included: bring a health morning or afternoon tea to share; eat your lunch outside day; a visit from the Cancer Council; Occupational Violence & Aggression Awareness Day; identify a workplace hazard and provide a solution; tell us what makes you feel safe at work; information on mental health & wellbeing. All staff got actively involved and had a big impact on their safety and health & wellbeing culture. (100 employees)

Rapid Global staff with their winner's certificate

Rapid Global

Be a Rapid Safety Champion - Rapid Global ran an office briefing combined with a 'Be a Rapid Safety Champion' themed tea with 'National Safe Work Month' branded cupcakes logo and other promotional materials. Rapid Global incorporated a social media campaign that included a video to further promote this cause and to show Rapid's support of Safe Work Month! (65 employees)

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  1. By registering a workplace activity during National Safe Work Month businesses are automatically entered into this competition. Businesses may withdraw from the competition by writing to SafeWork SA.
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  4. Entrants may withdraw from the competition by emailing SafeWork SA.
  5. SafeWork SA will publish a list of participants and their activities on their website.
  6. To qualify to win a prize, entrants must:
    1. register their workplace activity with SafeWork SA
    2. host a workplace activity that promotes safety in the workplace during National Safe Work Month (October 2022)
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  3. The winners will be selected by a panel of judges comprising of SafeWork SA staff. Assessment is based on creativity and originality of the workplace activity, relevance to work health and safety, relevance to this year's theme 'WHS through COVID-19", the reach of their activity within their workplace and use of social media tags as specified in the entry conditions.
  4. SafeWork SA’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
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