If you’re a young person looking to start work, you need to understand your respective rights and responsibilities around work health and safety and employment conditions.

Your employers responsibilities

Your employer has a duty of care over you when you are in the workplace.

Before starting work in a new job your employer should induct and train you to ensure that you are able to work safely. Your employer must also provide you with adequate supervision.

Your employer must provide you with:

  • a safe workplace
  • properly maintained plant, equipment and structures
  • safe systems of work
  • instruction on the safe use and handling of plant, equipment and substances
  • all information, training and instruction you need to do your job safely
  • adequate supervision.

Your responsibilities

Your employer should provide you with training and an induction into your new workplace. It is your responsibility to pay attention to the instructions being given to you.

Your employer will have policies and procedures in place in relation to health and safety issues which you need to read and follow.

You must take care of your own safety as well as the safety of others.

You should never be forced to do anything that is unsafe. If you become aware of an unsafe situation, stop the work and report it to your supervisor immediately.

You have a duty to:

  • obey all reasonable instructions given to you by your manager or supervisor
  • follow the safe procedures for doing your job
  • use any equipment (including personal protective equipment) safely and correctly
  • not put yourself or your co-workers at risk
  • report hazards, incidents or near misses
  • work with your employer and co-workers to improve work health and safety at your workplace.

Speak up

It is better that you ask a question or request further instruction than risk serious injury. So if you don’t know — just ask.

If you experience discrimination or harassment, or are being bullied at work, you must report it to your supervisor or manager. If you feel you cannot report it to them, contact us 1300 365 255 or the Fair Work Commission on 1300 799 675 for information and assistance.