As well as the general record keeping requirements contained in the WHS legislation, there are specific requirements for mine operators.

All mine operators must keep a mine record which includes:

  • a record of any provisional improvement notices issued
  • a record of every incident notified to SafeWork SA
  • a summary of all records of review of control measures kept in response to a notifiable incident
  • records of all communications between incoming and outgoing shifts
  • records of training provided to workers
    • these records must be kept for as long as the worker remains engaged at the mine
  • records of health monitoring of workers
  • records of air monitoring (applicable to all underground mine operators).

This mine record must be kept for seven years from the date the record was first made. It must be kept at the mine and be available for inspection either by our inspectors or a worker upon request.

Further information

Work Health and Safety Regulations 2012 (SA), Regulations 619-620, 630, 651, 675P