SafeWork SA are launching a safety awareness campaign to reduce wounds, lacerations, amputations and/or organ damage from 1 March 2021.

Injuries related to wounds, lacerations, amputations and/or organ damage represent one of the largest injury claim groups affecting the Fabricated Metal Production Industry sector.

Safety inspectors will visit a number of manufacturing businesses across the state to audit the safety control measures in place to protect workers.

In recent years, this industry sector has consistently seen a rise in the number of work-related injuries in South Australia.

ReturnToWorkSA and SafeWork Australia information reveals that within this sector:

  • injury claims have risen steadily in the past four years,
  • 2018-19 saw a 17% increase in injury claims from the previous year,
  • SafeWork Australia have defined the manufacturing industry sector in Australia as a national health and safety priority.

Inspectors will be working together with businesses to ensure compliance with government and industry standards and WHS regulations are maintained.

Businesses must identify all hazards specific to their workplace, and have appropriate control measures in place to prevent or minimise the risk of harm to workers in the public.

This campaign supports the 2012-22 Australian Work Health and Safety strategy with the manufacturing industry identified as a priority industry.

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