National Safe Work Month, held each October, raises awareness of work health and safety across industry.

SafeWork SA is encouraging all South Australians to make health and safety part of their workplace culture by thinking safe, working safe and being safe.

National Safe Work Month aims to reduce workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities by raising awareness of work health and safety. This year’s campaign puts the spotlight on a range of topical issues for including mental health, young workers and construction work.

Individuals, their families and the broader community are all impacted by work-related injury and illness. Almost 200 people in Australia die while doing their job and over 100,000 people make a workers’ compensation claim for serious injury or illness.

These numbers show that there is still more work to do. No job should be unsafe and no death or injury is acceptable. Being healthy and safe means not only being free from physical harm but also psychological harm - this means a workplace free from bullying. A safe and healthy workplace benefits everyone. Together we can make a difference.

SafeWork SA’s website has resources to help you think, work and be safe. Download our resources kit to promote National Safe Work Month at your workplace.

Make your work, health and safety a priority this October. There are many ways to take part in National Safe Work Month. You can hold organise your own workplace activity or participate in one of the free events listed on our schedule of activities.

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