SafeWork SA has issued a three month suspension to an asbestos assessor licence holder on Friday 14 August 2020.

SafeWork SA has issued a three month suspension to an asbestos assessor licence holder on Friday 14 August 2020.

Asbestos assessor licence holders are authorised to undertake air monitoring, clearance inspections and issue clearance certificates for reoccupation of licensed asbestos removal sites.

Investigations by SafeWork SA conducted over a number of months revealed the licensed asbestos assessor failed to take reasonable care to carry out asbestos assessor work safely and competently.

Investigations discovered that clearance certificates were issued whilst visible debris was still on site. The assessor failed to undertake a proper and effective clearance inspection to verify the area was safe for normal use.

SafeWork SA Executive Director, Martyn Campbell said “the removal of asbestos containing material is a critical focus area for us and failure to safely manage removal can lead to long term health effects to workers and others.

When asbestos licence holders fail to do their work safely and in accordance with the law, I will take quick and severe action.”

“The introduction of licensed asbestos assessors in the WHS legislation was to ensure integrity to the asbestos removal industry and provide a greater level of workplace and public safety’.

“This disregard for asbestos regulations clearly shows a serious lack of judgement and cannot go without consequences.

SafeWork SA will not tolerate licence holders taking short cuts and not exercising their duty under WHS laws”, said Mr Campbell.

An additional condition has been added to the suspension requiring the suspended licence holder to successfully complete appropriate training.

SafeWork SA reminds all duty holders involved with removal of asbestos of their responsibilities in complying with asbestos regulations.

Further details on requirements can be found on the SA Government asbestos website.

Close-up of asbestos particles remaining on a demolition site
Images that had received clearance certification from the asbestos assessor clearly showing asbestos debris remaining.
Close-up of asbestos particles remaining in the bathroom of a demolition site
Demolished bathroom showing asbestos particles still present