South Australian work health and safety information

State and territory governments are easing COVID-19 restrictions at different stages. For the latest on South Australia's recovery roadmap see

Physical distancing requirements

From Monday 29 June 2020, as part of the South Australian government’s easing of COVID-19 restrictions, physical distancing requirements within venues has been reduced to one person per two square metres. Physical distancing of 1.5m is still encouraged.

This is step 3 of South Australia’s recovery roadmap. All businesses, activities and gatherings allowed under Step 3 are listed in the Public activities direction no 3.

Use of lifts

We recognise the challenges businesses and workers have regarding the physical distancing guideline of 1.5m separation and the 2m² density rule whilst inside a lift. We will not be taking an active compliance approach to enforcing the 1.5m distancing or 2m² density rule within lifts unless excessive numbers of people are contained within them.

It is still prudent to implement other controls, such as regular personal hygiene and hand washing, regular cleaning of high touch point areas and other controls to reduce or change the frequency of lift usage.

See our advice on the use of lifts during COVID-19 restrictions.

Our Advisory Service

Our advisory service can help you with targeted advice for your business. Contact us at or call 1300 365 255.

COVID-Safe Plan

Not all businesses will need to complete a revised COVID-Safe Plan for Step 3.

When creating your original COVID-Safe Plan, businesses were required to list all rooms or spaces that would be open to patrons, as well as the area of those rooms. If these details have not changed, no new plan will be needed.

If you plan to offer more rooms or spaces to patrons, or plan to extend or alter the floor space of any existing rooms or spaces you will need to complete a revised COVID-Safe Plan.

Safe Work Australia COVID-19 industry information

Safe Work Australia publishes national COVID-19 guidance material on behalf of all State and Territory work health and safety regulators.

With South Australia’s easing of restrictions ahead of other jurisdictions, Safe Work Australia’s industry guidance may not reflect South Australian advice. Please refer to our website for the latest SA work health and safety information and for the latest on South Australia’s recovery roadmap.

Visit Safe Work Australia’s COVID-19 work health and safety page for general guidance for your industry.