Inspectors will target electrical safety in a state-wide crackdown next month as part of a campaign to reduce the risk of electric shocks in the workplace.

The October 2022 SafeWork SA compliance campaign will focus on the inspection and testing of electrical equipment and testing of residual current devices (RCD’s) across all industries.

The campaign coincides with National Safe Work Month and is in response to a rise in electric shock incidents in 2021-22.

Regular visual inspection of electrical equipment can identify obvious damage, wear or other conditions that might make electrical equipment unsafe.

Many electrical defects are detectable by visual inspection, but not all.

Regular testing can detect electrical faults and deterioration that cannot be detected by visual inspection alone.

The nature and frequency of inspection and testing will vary depending on the nature of the workplace, its environment and the risks associated with the electrical equipment.

In 2021-22, SafeWork SA issued 239 statutory notices associated with electrical risks across all industries, up 26 per cent on the previous year.

Nearly three in four statutory notices issued related to a failure by an employer to regularly inspect and test their electrical equipment.

SafeWork SA Executive Director Martyn Campbell said the agency aims to proactively drive change across all industries to ensure the risks associated with electrical equipment were managed.

‘Our inspectors will be turning up on sites across the state to make sure businesses are complying with their obligations,’ he said.

‘To help eradicate serious and potentially fatal injuries, my Inspectors will take a stronger approach to compliance by issuing expiation notices. We have had too many serious injuries caused by electric shocks that were entirely preventable.’

SafeWork SA has also developed an Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment information sheet, containing information on the frequency of inspection and testing of electrical equipment and associated fines. Additionally, anyone who needs advice on how to comply with electrical safety duties can call our Help Centre on 1300 365 255.