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Keep up to date with COVID-19 information at covid-19.sa.gov.au and the SA Health website.

National COVID-19 industry information

Safe Work Australia publishes national COVID-19 guidance material on behalf of all State and Territory work health and safety regulators.

Due to the changing environments across the different states Safe Work Australia’s industry guidance may not reflect South Australian advice. Please refer to our website, covid-19.sa.gov.au and SA Health for the latest SA information.

Visit Safe Work Australia’s COVID-19 work health and safety page for general guidance for your industry.

For COVID-19 work health and safety information in alternative languages, visit the Department of Home Affairs website.


The wearing of masks may be mandatory in some workplaces. These will be covered by the COVID Emergency Management Direction. Please remember that these mandates apply even if you are a visitor to a workplace, such as a supermarket, retail outlet or hospitality venue. These are all workplaces.

Other venues may require that patrons wear a mask as a condition of entry. This is similar to venues posting certain dress standards as a condition of entry.

Mask exemptions

If you require an exemption from wearing a mask speak to your medical practitioner. Your medical practitioner will provide you with a written exemption. Generally, exemptions will state that you have an exemption from wearing a mask but should not reveal the reason for the exemption or any other private information.

You need to carry this exemption with you when entering a location that requires you to wear a mask, whether by mandate or as a condition of entry. You may need to show your exemption if asked by a staff member.

Please contact the SA COVID-19 Information Line on 1800 253 787 for further information.


During a lockdown period, a COVID Emergency Management Direction may require all shops to close except those providing an essential retail service. The deregulation of shop trading hours provided by the Direction is only applicable to those shops that are providing an essential retail service. Any other retail shop must remain closed during the Direction period.

For the duration of the COVID Emergency Management Direction, shop trading hours will be amended stating that:

  • despite any provision of the Shop Trading Hours Act 1977, a shop (within the meaning of that Act) may open and close at any time for the purposes of the provision of essential goods or services.

Aged care

Please regularly check covid-19.sa.gov.au for the latest directives for aged care facilities.

Pyrotechnicians & firework displays

Firework displays may require approval through the application of a COVID-Safe Plan and/or COVID Management Plan.

SafeWork SA requires the details of any approved display to be placed in local newspapers; except when it is agreed by each department that such promotion could cause the uncontrolled gathering of crowds.

Advisory Service

Our advisory service can help you with targeted advice for your business. Contact us at help.safework@sa.gov.au or call 1300 365 255.