Regularly monitor and review your approach to health and safety in your workplace to make sure your system works.

Managing and improving health and safety needs to be an ongoing process. Safety processes and operations evolve with time and workers and equipment come and go, changing the risks in your workplace.

Employer responsibilities

Employers need to:

  • have established your safety management system you should regularly review and monitor how effective it is
  • make any necessary adjustments to keep your safety management up to date.

Effective safety management requires leadership and commitment. Everyone at work also needs to understand their responsibilities and how they can best meet them. By managing tasks and people with safety front-of-mind, you can achieve good safety outcomes for everyone at work.

When you actively seek to identify hazards, inform, train and supervise your team, you can be confident that you are managing the risks and the people exposed to them.

Worker responsibilities

Workers should:

  • actively participate in monitoring and reviewing safety
  • report safety issues.

Monitoring and reviewing checklist

Check the safety of your business by completing our work health and safety checklist to identify hazards at your workplace and determine which areas you may want to start with for improvement.

Example: Monitoring and reviewing checklist
Do you regularly review your safety processes with your workers    
Do you investigate all incidents or near misses to identify any safety gaps in your business?    
Do you review your safety systems after workplace changes that could impact on the health and safety of staff?    

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